Be fearless in the Pursuit of what sets your soul on fire! Let it bring joy and contentment into your life no matter where it takes you!                                                                                                                      Hi! I'm Toni and the owner of "Nichole Mama Boutique LLC" and the designer of "Lil' Vintage Bebe", Handcrafted bibs, blankets & so much more! In shop handcrafted items are now being tagged "Nichole Mama Boutique LLC".  My years of working with infants and toddlers in childcare settings as well as my volunteer work with Mothers and their families have brought me here. I'm a Mama of two grown children and a Nana of two adorable blessings! My passion has always been to sew and to bring my ideas to life. I really think that my love has come from hand stitching little things as I sat next to my mother, as she sewed for others and her family. 

I've spent years creating products for new mothers and babies alike. I hope you will take the time to explore my website. Enjoy some of our favorite products for baby and you!  Please feel free to ask questions should they arise. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my short bio. We hope to continue to serve you and your growing family for years to come with great products and customer service. #smallbuisness                                                                                           *Visit our pop-up shop at 3801 NW Cache rd Suite 20                                                                      Not in the area? follow us on our Facebook page and stay updated on new product arrivals and handmade item's. We have a TikTok for some of our behind the scenes as well! 

Toni Elkey 

Happy with your purchase, we'd love a review. Please check our Facebook for reviews as we have none here. Thank you:)







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Cute and quality baby items. I received a bib as a gift with my first child and I have used with my second child. It is always my first pick bib, especially when going out. I love it so much that I have purchased gifts for my friends from lil’ vintage bebe.

Kristy Silva

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